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Newest Feature: Custom Vocabs!

Hello! Thank you for using INSPIRO.
Made by artists, for artists.
It’s pretty much endless.
Results my vary. 😉

The Index page is like the table of contents in a book. To enter any “chapter” simply press its button. Throughout all of Inspiro’s chapters you will see words and phrases being shuffled. Tap the shuffling words to stop on one at random. Press & hold to shuffle again. Swipe right to shuffle it continuously.

Words are the renewable energy that the Inspiro engine runs on. It’s all about your Vocab! Access your Vocab via the “V” icon, always in the lower right corner. This vocabulary list is where you can access all the words and phrases used in Inspiro, add your own words, mark your favorites, delete or rate them. Tap ‘Exit’ to return to the previous screen.

Custom Vocabs

That’s right! You can create & share multiple custom Vocabs! The Custom Vocabs page is where you organize and control custom content. Each Vocab is listed with one being designated as your default. When making changes, any additions/deletions/changes made will be stored in the default Vocab.

Keep in mind: Your changes to the stock Vocab will only be active as long as your personal Vocab is active. In other words, if you want to temporarily “reset” Inspiro’s Stock Vocab, simply enable it and be sure all your custom Vocabs are disabled. If you wish to have a session that focuses on only one Vocab, deactivate the rest.

For Existing Users: Any additions, deletions, or customizations you’ve made to the Stock Vocab will be transferred over to your new “My Vocab” file. Enter your name and it will be displayed as the Vocab’s author.

To share a Vocab via email, simply press its corresponding Share button.


Tap individual words to stop shuffle, press & hold or swipe right to start the shuffle.

Press the red button to Shuffle All words at once.

Unique to The Muse is the ability to temporarily exclude words by swiping left. The exclusion will be indicated by a decorative tilde symbol.

The Muse has 10 Modes, each providing variations in grammar structure. Use the Mode button to switch between them. You can also choose to work in singular or plural forms. To toggle between the two, tap Pluralize/Singularize. (on iPhone, find this in the Settings panel)

Because higher modes have more lines, use the Lock in the lower left corner to lock/unlock individual lines of text. This helps prevent unintended shuffling of neighboring lines. When a line is locked it will remain unaffected by the shuffle button.

Pressing the ghostly white button on the top left, displays a Wildcard phrase. Wildcards can sometimes take your inspiration to the next level. If the phrase doesn’t work for you, press the button again to get a new one. Some say that if the Wildcard doesn’t impress you within 3-5 tries that it may be ineffective with that particular inspiration. In such a case, tapping the Wildcard phrase itself will make it disappear. Remember: You can edit Wildcard phrases in the Vocab and add your own. Also notice that you can make any Vocab entry into a Wildcard by enabling its ~W~ switch.

When you’ve found your inspiration, use the Share menu to save it or send it. The Share menu is available in the same spot in every chapter (upper right) and gives you several options…

The Save For Later option lets you keep a collection of Saved Inspirations! You will find your ‘Saved Inspirations’ listed first in the Vocab.

At any time, you can share your inspirations via Email, Facebook and Twitter.

Copy to Clipboard will copy the current phrase into system memory so the you can paste the text into another app of your choosing.

At the top right side of every chapter screen you can press the “Settings” button (a gear icon, on the iPhone). Here is where you can fine-tune Inspiro to your needs.

You can adjust the Ratings of your word generation experience. Disable specific groups of words by tapping the icon, making it dim.

For example: If using Inspiro with children, you may want to disable the PG and R-rated words. Mature users desiring the opposite effect can disable only G-rated words to focus on PG and R-rated content.

G is appropriate for a general audience.
PG is appropriate for ages 10+
R is appropriate for an audience of 12 and up.

Keep in mind though, there are Unrated words that transcend rating. These words are always active regardless of ratings settings.

You should also take advantage of our fancy-shmancy Vocab Filtration. By using this simple checklist you can filter your Nouns and explore inspirations with more focus.

Whether you’re changing ratings or filtering Vocab, remember to press Done when finished in order to put your changes into effect.


This chapter focuses on names, characters, personality types, and their situational interactions. This is useful for coming up with interesting situations for improv ideas, acting exercises, plot points or scenes.

Press the red button to generate a scenario. Tap or swipe to shuffle individual words. Scenarios has 2 Modes that are accessible by pressing the mode button at the top right.

Press the Swap icon to rearrange character roles.

This chapter even has its own Vocab Filtration! If you enter the settings panel, you will see a list of all the vocab categories included in the shuffle. You can activate and deactivate categories to explore inspirations with more focus.

Once again, access your Vocab via the “V” icon, always in the lower right corner.


This third chapter was designed to help you think even further out of the box by pulsating different phrases at you. It all runs automagically, so you can sit back and enjoy the show until you see something you really like. To Pause, tap anywhere on the screen. As always, you can tap/swipe/shuffle individual lines to change them. Press the red button to resume Play.

If you have any further questions, comments or vocab suggestions…

Technical Support:

And that’s it for now. =]

Please check this Help file periodically as we plan to add more features, graphics, and even a video tutorial!